Repairs in the adjacent territory has been completed

September 30, 2014. In summer, numerous landscaping and facelift works in the territory adjacent to the building were conducted. The mudguard cover was replaced at the building entrance. The carriage asphalt coating and road marking were replaced, and facing panels were replaced on the in- and out-drive ramp.

Also as of today most of the facelift works on the emergency ladders were completed. The repairs of the floor covering in the underground parking were will be completed at October.

  1. Repairs in the adjacent territory has been completed 30 September 2014
  2. Sculptural composition “White City” by Georgy Frangulyan was unveiled near the White Square office centre 29 September 2014
  3. Dmitry Mints was rated in TOP-1000 Leading managers of Russia 17 September 2014 Download PDF
  4. Starbucks has been opened after the reconstruction 15 September 2014
  5. O1 Properties took part in PROESTATE 2014 Forum 10 September 2014 Download PDF